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A Midsummer Night's Dream. The Ampitheatre, Swanage


I am always in awe of actors. Thousands of words all in the right order. Most people seem to find it hard enough playing themselves thus to play multiple characters from a dialogue written by another and word perfect. Marvellous! A Midsummer Night's Dream by the Bard is a surrealist alternative to the more historical of his plays in which many of the great quotes of literature can be found. But where the great quotes might be sparse the same cannot be said of the characters. They are Shakespeare's equivalent of LSD. I particularly adore Puck! The mischievous sprite is a catalyst of torment but without the maliciousness associated with many of Shakespeare's other characters. He is the cement of the play because the desire to escape is rarely from his mind. This surely resonates with many of the audience too.

Other characters which capture us are the king and queen of the fairies, Oberon and Titania. Republicanism apart, the conflict between these two is a delight as is the reality of Oberon's inept tinkering (although Puck must hold his hand up high again here when blame is being dished out). And of course dear old Bottom. The bossy and annoying type who ends up an ass.

 All the characters of this play at the Ampitheatre, Swanage were played by four young and extremely talented actors: Liam Atton; Carly-Ann Clarke; Callum Clark Stewart and Charmaine Kay Parkin. From Saturday July 21st to Friday July 27th at 14.30 each day they performed in beautiful sunshine, in a wonderful setting to appreciative audiences. As SISATA (created by Carly-Ann and Charmaine), the idyllic nature of open air theatre is brought to this idyllic location. From a certain angle it could even be Greece you know. Liam and Callum are both studying Acting degrees at Bournemouth University and already have a wealth of experience behind them. Both brought a physical side to their acting that reflected their stage characterisations. The pompous Oberon in particular can be seen in the accompanying image.

Carly-Ann graduated from Loughborough with a degree in Drama and then completed a Masters degree at the Guilford School of Acting. Charmaine graduated in 2005 from East 15 Acting School and along with Carly-Ann has considerable experience as an actor as well as running theatre companies. As founders of SISATA their principle aim is to engage audiences and enable them to be part of storytelling that is enthralling.

A quote from their website states 'we pride ourselves on storytelling to stimulate your senses'. Well Carly-Ann, Charmaine, Liam and Callum you certainly did that. We look forward to your next production and many more besides.

 The Editors (and some of their children).

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