Below are a few of the many kind comments and testimonials we have recieved:

"Dorset Eye is a refreshing new initiative in the post Leverson world of new media publication.

The state of printed and on-line media prior to the release of Dorset Eye was truly appalling consisting of pictorial ‘county life’ style magazines that show Dorset as some mythical Garden of Eden peopled by well heeled artisans and a contented peasantry or by local papers who’s news output is no better than the depressingly low standards of the national red tops that so provoked the wrath that led to the Leverson enquiry into press standards.

As a freelance photojournalist and student member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists living and working in Dorset it is a pleasure to contribute to Dorset Eye and to be part of a progressive new idea that exploits the new mediums but maintains editorial standards of the highest order.

The regional printed press is in long term decline with circulation falling exponentially year on year and Dorset Eye looks to the future to provide it’s readers with quality journalism covering all aspects of life in Dorset both good and bad.

Whilst covering the joyous things of Dorset such as gigs, festivals, and community initiatives it also has a radical edge exposing the all too often hidden problems Dorset has such as rural poverty, inequality and the harsher side of life in the urban conurbations such as Poole and Bournemouth.

Dorset Eye is in the vanguard of the new journalism. Read it with joy in your heart. You will delight in the wonderful things happening in Dorset as communities slowly wake up and seek to empower themselves. It should also provoke you, as a reader, to be angered at the injustice, inequality and impoverishment of local working people by central government and unethical local elements.

It will motivate you to get out of your armchair and contribute to your community in any one of a number of ways be it by working on a community garden or taking to the streets and making your feelings felt so that Dorset can be a shining light of equality, justice, and opportunity to anyone wherever they come from."

Graham Horne 

"Here's a site where you can read about the whole wide spread of diverse Dorset culture. Everything is here - music, photography, nature and good traditional winging about everything else! "

Bob Ford

"The quality of thought and judgment found in the diverse articles on this website has been a revelation. Informative, challenging, sometimes disturbing, but it is also reassuring to know that there are people out there with great insight. Not only that, it's free!"

Vicki Waddington – Black

"Dorset Eye is a valuable community resource and outlet for local investigative work that other media outlets won't touch for various reasons. As a resource it feeds the community that feeds it, and as an outlet for investigative work those who previously hid, had better find a new way to hide..."

Richard Hayes

"Dorset Eye is, to my mind, the authentic voice of the people of Dorset, eloquently reflecting their interests and concerns, nationally and locally. The Dorset Eye reporters are all members of the Dorset public. There are no owners to satisfy, no advertisers to appeal to. Just an ever-growing pool of contributors offering unfettered content as varied and diverse as the county itself: wildlife, politics, sport, economics, art, farming, conservation, music - and much more besides - all treated with a knowledge and passion that only a local eye can bring to Dorset. “

Dr Ian Sedwell 

"Dorset Eye is a valuable tool for communication across Dorset. More and more, my academic work involves direct involvement with local communities. Dorset Eye provides not only a convenient way to get our message across, but also a great resource for knowing what is happening that concerns the Dorset community."

Dr Kip Jones, Bournemouth University.

 "Dorset Eye is an important step forward in the quest to provide relevant and truly local reportage to the people of the county of Dorset. I've been pleased to watch it grow from an initial idea into what we see today. It covers so many issues and topics that “local news” are unable or unwilling to address. As such it offers an invaluable voice to the community and I'm pleased to be associated with it. I wish Dorset Eye the best of luck for future growth and popularity."

Carl Ashwin

 "I love Dorset Eye! Real articles written by ordinary people about things they care about. A brilliant concept and a great antidote to the mainstream 'media'."

Sarah Karaviotis

 "As a none resident of Dorset but an extreme lover of Dorset who spends all my Holidays and spare time in Dorset I must say that I find Dorset eye to be very informative with up to date news and reviews of what is going on in and around Dorset. It’s nice to know that while i am not living in Dorset i still feel part of it because of the good information that Dorset Eye delivers... I would recommend Dorset Eye to anyone who wants to be kept up to date with the latest news and reviews in and around Dorset."

Tracey Griffiths

 'This is why I get p***** off with BBC news, they never put detailed stories that matter or seem to cover up stories!!! Bloody corporations, do my nut in!! It's news websites like Dorset Eye & Huffington that seem to write interesting, detailed and important stories that apply to normal citizens!'

Nicholas Webster

 "The Dorset Eye is everything that is best in a community newspaper. It reports intelligently and honestly, treating its readers with respect and dignity. As a writer the Eye has become an invaluable source for information and insightful reporting. I cannot praise the Dorset Eye highly enough other than to recommend it as not to be missed."

Keith Lindsay Cameron