Mission statement

Welcome to Dorset Eye! 

As you will quickly see we are something different. We welcome everyone from trained journalists and online bloggers to people who only occasionally turn on their computers. As a community online magazine we represent you. Please try and click on the site and read us daily. Please spread the word about us far and wide. The aim is for Dorset Eye to be your voice on local, national and international news and issues. 


To empower and enhance the voice of the people in the community. In time we are committed to becoming a cooperative and thus run by the community. To do this we must join together, work closely and respect the right to have a voice no matter who it may be. 


A site for social reporters and citizen journalists and everyone who has something to say that will be of interest to the community.

The Founders

We are a husband and wife team. 

Jason Cridland: A college lecturer for 19 years of students of all abilities from Level 1 to undergraduates. Having been made redundant in the summer of 2012 we decided to invest some of the redundancy pay in setting up an online magazine that sought to provide a fresh perspective for supporting news and events.

Debbie Cridland: Dedicated the last 22 years to bringing up 4 children whilst working in the care sector and as a reading partner in a local primary school.

The Contributors

You! Please submit from the site or send by email to dorseteye@btinternet.com or via ‘Contact Us’.

Let’s share the news together!