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Take a stand against snooping!

Private and government organisations are showing a lot of interest in our daily affairs. Where some would be right in saying they’ve nothing to hide from the government, everyone’s affairs and interests are of interest to private bodies intent on better targeting advertising against us. We are dangerous but lucrative commodities in the eyes of the corporate state.

"Even paranoids have enemies,” said Henry Kissinger, sometime US Secretary of State. Many might say that in agreeing with this blog and taking action (read on) you are opting out of being fodder for corporate giants, and in questioning the status quo, you are a danger to the establishment.

To be a good prole you should drink your Interbrew branded beer whilst watching football being played in a Third World country which tramples on the needy to host a party for the world on a Saturday night before playing a branded games machine whilst social networking and clicking on targeted ads when commanded to by a geek from California. You should go to work Monday to Friday, saddled with debt you must repay over 25 years to prop up a broke bank which has robbed the government and blames jobless people for their woes. Or?

If you question the state you could end up on a watch list in Maryland and in Cheltenham. Potentially dangerous? You are for choosing not to be drugged on a trickle of cash, pee tasting beer, and aspirational ads from Facebook.

The first step

This one is for everyone, not just those who dislike what Edward Snowden has revealed about spy agencies spying on them.

Do you dislike targeted ads from Facebook? You can legitimately choose not to be tracked.

1. Click on http://www.aboutads.info/

2. Click on ‘Opt Out from Online Behavioural Advertising’

3. Click on the tab ‘Companies Customising Ads for Your Browser’

4. You will see 2-3 companies. Facebook is one of them.

5. Check the boxes.

6. Click the Submit your Choices button.

7. While you’re at it, click the ‘All Participating Companies’ tab, and click ‘Select All’. Hit the Submit Your Choices button and thereby opt out of most behavioural advertising on the web.

For information about stopping your mobile device from snitching to corporate interests, visit http://gizmodo.com/how-to-stop-facebook-from-sharing-your-browsing-history-1589918083



GCHQ is checking every message, email and mouse click that crosses the Atlantic in an operation revealed by Edward Snowden as being the US National Security Agency’s Operation Tempora.

Not much we can do this except become a person of interest ourselves and clog up their system with data of interest to them, giving them more trees to clog up their understanding of the wood. If you’ve a spare afternoon, can you make it to Cheltenham to join a protest in July?

Watch this film and make your mind up!

Richard Shrubb

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