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Valentine's Day: Dorset Eye stands together with Avaaz.org 'One billion rise to end violence against women'


One in three women worldwide has been beaten, raped or otherwise violated. That's more than one billion women.

Let that sink in.

If it feels like you've been hearing a lot about violence against women lately, you probably have. It's been a problem forever, but the deadly gang rape of a young woman on a bus in Delhi in December brought hundreds of thousands into the streets and pushed awareness of this awful problem to global levels.

Now, as yet another tragic spasm of sexual violence surfaces, this time in South Africa, again a nation is shocked and forced to ask how such horrific things can happen. Much as it did in India, this incident seems to have broken through the political silence that has long shrouded South Africa's reputation as the global rape capital.

And across the world, people are asking: how do we stop this?

Want to do something about it?

Here's one way to start. This Valentine's Day, Thursday 14 February, citizens from around the world will take part in thousands of events as part of the One Billion Rising campaign. Inspired by Eve Ensler, author of the widely performed play the Vagina Monologues, women and men will be staging marches, dance parties, flash mobs and other public events to raise awareness about violence against women and say: "Enough!" Here's the One Billion Rising short film.

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