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Jeremy Corbyn accuses BBC of reporting 'fake news' in questioning him over resignation rumours

Jeremy Corbyn has accused the BBC of reporting “fake news” after he was questioned on today’s Breakfast show over rumours he was planning to step down as Labour leader.

Corbyn said the claims came from “imadeitupyesterday.com” and said it was “absolute nonsense”, adding: “I’m really surprised the BBC is reporting fake news. There is no news.”

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly used the term “fake news” against the media.

He described broadcaster CNN as “fake news” after it published details of a dossier containing lurid claims about him which were unverifiable.

On Monday, Trump said on Twitter: “Any negative polls are fake news, just like the CNN, ABC, NBC polls in the election.”

The full exchange between Corbyn and broadcaster Charlie Stayt was as follows:

JC: “There’s a lot of it about.”CS: “In your own personal circumstances, I’m aware of the issue of fake news at the moment.”

CS: “Well, there’s a story going about that you have set a date for when you are going to quit as Labour leader.”

JC: “That’s on imadeitupyesterday.com.”

CS: “Is there absolutely no truth in that?”

JC: “Absolute nonsense.”

CS: “So your future as Labour leader is absolutely intact? You have not considered for a moment whether you as leader are damaging the party’s chance…”

JC: “Look, I’m really surprised the BBC is reporting fake news. There is no news.”

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